Our Vision

At FES we have a simple, straightforward and crystal clear vision:  We are Proud, Rewarded, Winners and we want the opportunity to compete for your business.

We are the best in the world at efficiently and cost-effectively solving problems for our customers with the strategic application of technology and a professional, integrated installation capability.

It’s no wonder that many of our customers choose to partner with FES for virtually every service in our portfolio.  We are committed to delivering on our promises, doing quality work and delighting our customers – oftentimes at the expense of profit.

As a fully licensed and insured organization, FES operates in the space between unreliable ‘trunk slammers’ and faceless national firms where customers are reduced to accounts on a corporate balance sheet.


Our Values

1Integrity.  Integrity is the number one thing that customer relationship are built upon.  As an organization it means we will not tolerate any deviation from 100% honesty, responsibility and accountability.  Specifically, integrity dictates that we always look for win-win deals with our customers and we always work in accordance with industry best practices and applicable codes.  We never take advantage of anyone else and we never let anyone else take advantage of us.

2Service.  FES recognizes the old adage that “the customer is always right”.  We understand that satisfied customers are the only thing that can guarantee job security and continued success.  We take it as challenge to constantly prove our worth through customer service and electromechanical maintenance, and every action we take is driven by customer need and benefit.

3Excellence.  Excellence is a sustained passion to be the best and still get better.  Excellence is what propels people and organizations into long term upward spirals of accomplishment and performance.  FES is committed to excellence and it shows in our work.