FES Installations, Inc., Connecting and Protecting Since 1983

Centrally located in upstate New York, FES Installations, Inc. (FES) has been a market leader in the design, construction, integration, operation and service of technological systems for over 30 years.  

FES traces its roots back to 1978 when it was originally incorporated as ‘Nu-View Television’, a local cable television operator in Oriskany Falls, NY.  After selling the retail cable business, Nu-View reincorporated as ‘Falls Earth Station’ in 1982 and entered the emerging Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) industry selling and servicing residential six foot satellite antennas.  Additionally, the fledgling company was a stakeholder in the local ‘Earth Station’ -a terrestrial collection of very large dish-shaped antennas designed to receive audio and video transmissions from orbiting satellites- servicing Oriskany Falls, hence the name Falls Earth Station.

As technology advanced, satellite antennas shrunk and Falls Earth Station became a residential DirecTV reseller.  In addition, Falls Earth Station had been concurrently providing DBS services to the university and higher-education segment since the early 1980s.  By the late 90s, the industry had been deregulated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Falls Earth Station exited the residential segment entirely in favor of larger institutional markets.  

By 1997 Falls Earth Station was concentrating full-time on large-scale integrated television and ethernet installations at dozens of universities in the North East.  These retrofit projects modernized student living spaces and academic buildings with modern structured cabling systems, laying the groundwork for campus-wide high-speed internet and cable television networks.  Each university, in effect, became its own television and internet provider like Nu-View cable was for Oriskany Falls in the late 1970s.  

This period was formative for the future FES Installations.  We had become a training and proving ground for groundbreaking ideas, techniques and core capabilities in the telecommunications industry which we still retain today.  Like many other industries experiencing consolidation at that time, Falls Earth Station sold to a large, privately held telecommunications group in 2008.  

Recognizing the need for technological expertise and a high-quality installation capability, the remainder of Falls Earth Station reincorporated in May of 2008 as FES Installations, a Security and Life Safety Integrator.  Today, we are one of Central and Upstate New York’s premier technological integrators and we have the track record to prove it.

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