Working at FES

FES is always on the lookout for talented people.  We are an equal opportunity, performance-oriented merit-based organization.  Rewards and compensation are contingent upon capability and production rather than longevity and seniority.

We are open to ideas from anywhere.  We don’t believe in rookie-ism or forcing people to start at the bottom.  We don’t believe in making people ‘earn their way into the pack’, and we definitely definitely don’t believe in ‘make the new guy do it’.  This may sound like or silicon valley startup territory but that is positively not the case.  Our structure has evolved over the past three decades from our employees’ military heritage into a culture of discipline and an ethic of entrepreneurship.

In order to maintain our standards team members are continuously evaluated on a variety of factors.  Some of the things we look for are:

  • Energy.  Excited to come to work and take on the challenge of the day.  Able to self-motivate as well as motivate others.
  • Edge.  A cut above the rest.  Decisive, confident, accountable and able to make tough decisions.
  • Execute.  Able to deliver.  Competent, capable and consistent.
  • Passion.  Engaged in your career with a desire to get things done – won’t take ‘no’ for answer.  Fearless (not reckless) with a can-do attitude.

Our culture fosters success and satisfaction.  FES is a wonderful place to work for those that can hack it, and a terrifying place for the complacent.


The Price of Admission

We have a 100% background check and drug testing policy, with random periodic reassessments.  Further, depending on the position you may be required to apply for a government personnel security clearance.  Inability to obtain the appropriate clearance severely limits an applicant’s usefulness.

In a small business like FES, “good” job knowledge, leadership skills, professional qualities, organizational skills, judgment and decision making skills and communications skills are the baseline.  Minimum required skills are as follows:

  • Has knowledge required to perform duties effectively, strives to improve knowledge and applies knowledge to handle non-routine situations.
  • Sets and enforces standards, works well with others, fosters teamwork and displays initiative.  Has self-confidence and consistently shows confidence in others.
  • Exhibits loyalty, discipline, dedication, integrity and honesty.  Accepts personal responsibility and takes ownership.
  • Plans, coordinates, schedules and uses resources effectively.  Meets deadlines.  Schedules work for self and others effectively and efficiently.  Anticipates and solves problems.
  • Decisively makes timely and accurate decisions.  Emphasizes logic in decision making.  Retains composure.  Recognizes opportunities.  Adheres to safety and occupational requirements.


Current Openings

  • 24 October 2014
    No Open Positions
    FES has no open employment requisitions. We are, however, always on the lookout for talented people. Please review the career pages and contact us if you believe you have something to offer. We look forward to hearing from you!
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