FES is your partner for creating a modern access control solution for just a few doors or your entire site to include entry and exit doors, pedestrian gates, turnstiles, traffic gates and more.  Outsource the system operation and management to us.

Increase Security

  • Comprehensive audit trails of cardholder activities
  • Door and secure area activity reports
  • Grant and revoke user access in real-time
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely with smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Set doors to lock and unlock according to a schedule
  • Instantaneous master lock down at the touch of a button
  • Alerts for forced door, held door and more!

    Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Eliminate cost of changing locks or reissuing steel keys
  • Cards, readers and door controllers are virtually maintenance free
  • Mitigate the opportunity for vandalism

    Integrated Security

  • Seamlessly integrate video surveillance and access control
  • Allow and deny access from remote secure area with visual identification
  • Quickly and easily retrieve video of cardholders activity