The increasing volume and sophistication of network security threats such as spear phishing scams, data theft and cybercrime require equally sophisticated  counter-measures.  FES provides security in depth through advanced host based antivirus and malware detection and ‘next generation’ firewall and intrusion prevention services.

We install a network security appliance at your location to baseline your traffic for a predetermined period of time. Afterwards, FES analyzes your traffic and provides a no-cost risk assessment. At that time, the customer can purchase the pre-installed appliance and can elect to subscribe to ongoing premium service or continue with free reduced capability basic service.


Increase Security

  • Protection from viruses, spam, spyware and trojans
  • Next generation ‘smart firewall’ separates your internet network from the internet
  • Block intrusion prevention attempts and malicious activity based on signature, protocol and anomalous packet inspection
  • Protect users from ‘Phishing’ identity theft attempts and credit card capture scams
  • Categorically filter and block web content with over 140 categories to include pornography, gambling and social networking
  • Reduce spam email by over 97 percent
  • Block annoying internet ads and improve web page loading times

    Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Eliminate wasted time by tracking, reporting and blocking individual access to specific sites and site categories of your choosing
  • Prevent guest users on your public wifi from hogging bandwidth or perpetrating crimes with your network
  • Reduce the risk of litigation or damages pursuant to customer identity theft

    Integrated Security

  • Implement the FES network security best practices checklist, conduct employee responsible use training and institutionalize a disciplined information awareness program
  • Create unlimited user and time based policies for web and remote access
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party firewall products with IPsec VPN
  • Provide secure network access from outside the office to authorized remote workers
  • Establish secure site-to-site VPN between geographically separated locations
  • Use RADIUS or Microsoft Active Directory server to simplify policy management and enrich reporting