Intruder detection systems are an integral element in a complete security management system.  Typical sensors include door and window position sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors and panic button alarms.  FES offers scalable intrusion detection solutions for all agencies from small business workspaces to military nuclear facilities.

Increase Security

  • Automatically alert authorities in the event of a break-in
  • Deter burglars and vandals, prosecute criminals
  • Rapid emergency and first-responder contact

    Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Monitored intrusion prevention systems deter theft of property and equipment
  • Insurance companies typically offer substantial premium reductions for monitored properties

    Integrated Security

  • Intrusion inputs seamlessly integrate with video surveillance and/or access control systems
  • Automatically transmit snapshots of video clips of in-progress intrusions off site or watch live on your smartphones
  • Initiate ‘lock-down’ in response to an intrusion input