Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is the process of using technological systems to perform optical character recognition on a digital image to extract or “read” a license plate.  This differs from simply recording video of a license plate because the product of an LPR system is a usable license plate number and associated metadata, whereas the product of recording a license plate is effectively just pictures of license plate.


Increase Security

  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Easily set up public and covert hot lists and receive email notifications
  • Automatic events and alarms
  • Live data transmission

    Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • Deploy as a standalone system, or think bigger
  • Increase enforcement productivity and compliance
  • Increase ticketing and non-compliance revenues

    Integrated Security

  • Seamlessly integrate video surveillance and access control
  • Vehicle license plates as access control credential for complex traffic patterns
  • Advanced reporting and data mining capabilities
  • Quickly and easily retrieve video of vehicular activity