FES offers and installs a full line of secured entry control, gate admission, queuing, public entry and asset protection products.


Increase Security

  • Provide secure bi-directional access control with optical, full height, waist height and pedestrian security gates
  • Enable accurate entry/exit tracking and patron counts to determine peak hours of operation
  • Retractable belt and rope stanchions provide inexpensive and versatile crowd control

    Reduce Life Cycle Costs

  • FES offers products that are priced competitively and designed to provide reliable service without breaking your budget
  • FES offers products that are packed with standard features that other companies charge extra for
  • Customizable solutions manufactured in the USA guarantee the right solution for the job

    Integrated Security

  • Turnstiles and admission gates can seamlessly integrated with your access control and video surveillance system
  • The organic FES installation crew can handle jobs of any size.  No need to hire a heavy 3d party contractor.